BNE Fashion Week Team

Daniel Alexander

Owner / Director and Founder of BNE Fashion Week

Daniel and the Daniel Alexander brand oozes sophistication and edge. Daniel himself is a driven, open-minded, creative who possesses a strong sense of dedication and commitment to all he does. With over 14 years of experience in the broad scope of the fashion industry he is tenacious in building new business, securing customer loyalty and forging strong relationships with business partners.

The problem with exclusivity is the fundamental meaning which is to exclude. At BNE Fashion Week we don't exclude.

Peter See

Executive Director

My name is Peter See. I have been in hospitality for over 40 years and needed a change. Along came Daniel Alexander wanting an assistant and that was me!

I have been with Daniel (BNE Fashion Week) virtually since its inception! I’m so excited to be on board and on this fantastic journey!

I’m so excited to be on board and on this fantastic journey!

Gabe Bautista

PA to Executive Director Peter See

Gabriel is a recent addition to the BNE Fashion Week team and a newcomer to the fashion industry. Coming from a background studying science yet having a creative mind and a heavy interest in fashion, he possesses an interesting and unusual flair and is looking forward to learning more about the industry from working with Daniel and the team.

Fashion is my passion

Tayla Pearson

Head of BNE Fashion Week Angels

Hi, my name is Tayla Pearson and I have now been in the modelling industry for nearly two years. The modelling industry was something I have always been interested in since such a young age but only found the confidence when I was 16 to actually join an agency. Daniel Alexander was definitely someone who helped bring out my confidence as he brought me on board with him this time last year! And ever since our ideas just keep getting bigger and bigger and we continue to achieve them. My involvement with BNE fashion week is not only the head face but the head angel as well. But that isn’t my only involvement. 11th of July 2016 I lost my little brother to suicide. I have found the strength to get awareness out there and help others so that no other family has to feel the grief that my family does. A charity has been made for him which is Kodi’s Message and this charity is the main charity for this major event. I am so grateful and excited to be apart of this amazing event!

Modelling hurts, but it hurts good

Tiffany Kuhanez

Head of BNE Glam Team

My name is Tiffany Kuhanez and I am a qualified Makeup Artist creative. I am born a visionary with an original creative flair. I met Daniel in interesting circumstances and he openly took me on board with open arms and my life has changed ever since. My creative journey as a makeup artist has begun!

Glamour does not exist without a makeup artist

Nicki Sheldrick

DA Personal Assistant

I have known Daniel for over 17 years; Daniel’s talents in design and business grow, through London, Paris, New York, Dubai and Sydney.

Through the inception of BNE Fashion Week, our paths crossed enabling me to be part of the BNE Fashion Week Team, in which Brisbane won’t know what’s hit it!

One of many things that drew me to the BNE Fashion Week was their Mission statement – ‘Expect the Unexpected’.

Expect the Unexpected

Tracey Rooney

Production Manager

Hello my name is Tracey Rooney. I’ve worked in the Theatre Industry for over 25 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of Australia’s most creative minds and I must say what I’m seeing coming from this young man Daniel Alexander would have to be one of the most innovative and creative concepts ever to hit Brisbane.

A show is not just a show - it's a production

Vivian Alexander

BNE Fashion Week Mascot

Vivian has been a part of the BNE Fashion Week since 2009.

She has travelled around the world admiring all the different places, faces and events that Daniel has attended.

I love treats